The Deck Docktors Boat Lift Installation, Service, & Maintenance Program


Why choose a Deck Docktors lift over another brand?”  The answer is in Deck Docktor’s background designing and installing high quality lifts. Superior products.



The Deck Docktors strives to provide the highest quality product at the most reasonable price and have proven to be an industry leader with their choice of time tested and engineered lifts.  The Deck Docktors goal is the basic intention of offering a non-corrosive, lift which provides many years of trouble-free service.  After the invention of the first aluminum boat lift, The Deck Docktors have continued to offer the most extensive product line available today.  Through vast research and customer’s input, we currently offer a variety of lifts in capacities from 650 lb. to 120,000 lb.


Deck Docktors features to consider:


<                    Our Lift Manufacturers carry full product liability insurance which covers the lift, your boat, and all parts & labor to correct any damages due to defect in materials or workmanship.


<                    All Deck Docktors top of the line aluminum lifts come with a 10 year        structural warranty; a 5 year gear box warranty; a 2 year motor warranty; and a 1 year comprehensive warranty.   (Galvanized lifts carry a 1 year structural warranty.)


<                   The 6061-T6 grade all aluminum frame is specifically designed to ensure durability and long life in a marina environment, without ever rusting!  This marine grade aluminum is as strong as galvanized steel – with at least 3 times the longevity! 


<                   The Deck Docktors' manufacturers produce both aluminum/stainless steel lifts, and galvanized steel lifts to offer you a choice to best suit your needs.  The Deck Docktors recommends aluminum lifts as a more cost effective material than steel.  Aluminum costs more initially; however, it lasts longer, looks better, requires less upkeep and will never rust (not even in salt water).  Steel costs less initially, but does not hold up well in salt water and inevitably will rust. 


<                   All Deck Docktors lifts are factory pre-assembled and tested  This testing reduces installation time and on-the-job fitting problems, saving time and money. 


<                   Welded construction of The Deck Docktors’ lifts insure permanent structural integrity with no bolts to loosen.  Full-length welds are used – no “tack” or “spot” welds!


<                   All electrical equipment on The Deck Docktors lifts are UL listed and GFI protected for superior service life and customer safety.  The Deck Docktors' lifts have a UL certification and either manufactures all their own electrical parts including remote controls and patented switches, or they provide quality tested electrical components by approved vendors.  This reduces the cost of an electrical “middleman” and saves you money.


<                   Stainless steel cables and hardware used for longevity.


<                   Top Beam Construction allows the lift to sit on top of pilings; transferring the majority of the weight load directly downward on the piling, not on the side of it.


<                   The Deck Docktors mounts the drive shaft on top of the I-beams in order to provide the best structural support.  This engineering method is preferred over placement of the drive shaft alongside or below the top beam.


<                   Visible Drive Shaft Cable Winding Areas for Safety:  Top mounted drive shaft allows you to view the operation of your lift cables for early detection of cable wear and ease of maintenance.  (Transparent covers are available if you wish to cover the winding areas.)


<                   The Deck Docktors offers both belt drives and chain drives (and will soon be releasing a Gear-Drive  lift).


<                   The Deck Docktors have a molded, weather resistant covers for the chain and motor.  Sealed heavy-duty motors are directly coupled to an oil-bath gearbox so there are no noisy rubber belts to replace and no open gears to grease.  (Exposed gear units require more maintenance.)


<                   Quiet Chain & Sprocket Drive:  A sealed, oil-bath gearbox coupled to an R60 chain & sprocket provide for a faster, smoother, quieter operation and require less maintenance.


<                   Aluminum grooved winding sleeves prolong cable life.


<                   Aluminum pulleys with greasable stainless steel axles.


<                   The Deck Docktors uses No. 1 rough cut bunkboards that are thicker (than milled lumber) to provide better boat hull support and are carpeted to provide better boat hull protection.


<                   Guide poles for ease of loading boat onto the lift.


<                   The Deck Docktors provides a complete line of boatlifts including single
  piling personal watercraft lifts; aluminum elevators lifts; davits;
  rotating jet ski & jet boat lifts; and a beamless lift!


The Deck Docktors are the authorized dealer & service agent for several brands of Boat Lifts.  Our work crews are experienced in the installation of those boat lifts.  Our accomplished service staff also repairs and maintains all types of boat lifts & davits.  In addition, we now offer an easy, affordable, worry-free plan to maintain your boat lift!  Our lift maintenance program saves you money by avoiding costly repairs through regular scheduled service visits and guarantees year round preservation of your lift – all for one low annual fee.  Our experienced service staff will facilitate trouble-free performance by identifying potential problems in areas needing attention.  Most problems with lift systems can be avoided with proper maintenance.


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