Here is what we know:

  • Satisfied Customers are literally worth their weight in GOLD!
  • A referral from someone you know, trust and regard as worth listening to, is extremely valuable and damn near impossible to buy.
  • That type referral gives us and our business INSTANT CREDIBILITY!


Types of Referrals:

  • Personal Referrals - we all look for the quickest and easiest way to do ANYTHING, including buying something or looking for a particular service.  We do it, and we bet YOU do it too.  IF we want to buy something that we are unfamiliar with, we start annoying the heck out of EVERYONE we know, to ask if they know anything about what we are looking for.  All we really want is for one of our 'knowledgeable' friends to say:
    •  "Call THE DECK DOCKTORS at (941) 924-5515.  They have the most experience, product knowledge, and best pricing of anyone else out there!"
  • Business Referrals - If you convert your customers into raving fans, there's a big fat chance that each one will tell someone else. 
    • An unhappy customer will tell 12 of her/his friends or acquaintances about their bad experience. (We absolutely DON'T WANT this).
    • A happy customer will tell only 4 of her/his friends or acquaintances about their good experience.  (This is what we strive for!)

Additionally, we also know:

  • Most people expect ‘good service’ all the time so when they experience 'bad service' they just can’t wait to tell anyone who’ll listen. If they receive ‘good service’, most of the time they’ll think nothing of it and they’ll say nothing simply because it’s not worth mentioning.
  • But when they receive mind-blowing service, that's when they start raving!  That's why we know that we must give our customers brilliant service each and every time, without fail!
  • TRUST, RESPECT and HONESTY is the way to go.  That is what we strive for on a daily basis.
  • We believe that it is alright to offer our customers rewards and discounts for their loyalty and referrals.  We believe that free or discounted products and services are usually welcomed by every customer.
    • With the above in mind, we will ask our new customers who referred them to our business and send a thank-you note to the referring customer along with a discount coupon for our products and service.
    • We will also gladly give a discount coupon for our products and service to the customer that they referred.
    • THE BEST GIFT we believe we can give, is superb service, and to exceed expectations. (Along with a referral gift!)
  • We endeavor to suppy our customers with excellent follow up support and a clear path for our customers to ask questions and make comments following their purchases, so that we can continually improve our products and service.
  • To summarize, we believe that our customers will gladly give referrals to our business if they are confident that we'll give their friends and acquaintances special treatment.

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