The superior qualities of The Deck Docktors Decking are many!  No matter what your needs are, the following are the various features available, depending on which product you chose.  Not all features are available for each decking product.  Consider what is most important to you to help you decide which product to choose:


O      Durability - there are several compounds which will never become warped, split or rotted.


O      Slip resistance - safety is important!  The Deck Docktors Decking choices are often embossed or inpregnated to produce a slip-resistant surface in wet or dry weather.


O      No exposed fasteners- we have several systems that hide fasteners, other systems that use fasteners color coordinated with the decking material, or exposed stainless steel screws for those that prefer that look.


O      Quiet walking surface - to prevent squeaking with some synthetic decking systems, the decking has a patented strip on the bottom of the plank that prevents movement and subsequent squeaking.


O      Remains cool to the touch - the deck planks have an open profile inside (for air flow) to dissipate heat or use light colors and therefore remain ambient with the outdoor temperature.


O      Ultra-violet inhibitor - The Deck Docktors decking choices utilize titanium dioxide and other UV inhibitors to protect the material from the harsh rays of the sun.


O      Maintenance free - these products deliver all the beauty of wood...without the deterioration.  There is never a need to seal deck planks.  Annual repairs, water-proofing and inevitable replacement costs associated with wood are eliminated!  Maintenance free doesn't mean no cleaning!


O      Environmentally safe - No coatings are required to preserve our  decking.


O      Aesthetically pleasing - The Deck Docktors decking choices are available in many colors, depending on the material and manufacturer and never need painting.


O      Lifetime warranty - Best of all, they come with extended warranties, depending on the manufacturer.  


The Deck Docktors aided in the product development of many if not most of the new decking products currently on the market with the assistance of our Engineering  company,

MEA Engineers, Inc.
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