Our Goals are to:

  1. Make your life easier.
  2. Save you time.
  3. Provide products and services at a fair price.

Our Staff is empowered to do what they can to help us achieve our Goals, so that we may serve you better than the competition.


What Tools do we use to achieve our Goals?

  • Since our inception in 1996, we have used a Database CRM system to track our Customers' job status.  Details such as Permitting, Material ordering, etc. is logged in so that the entire staff has ready access to Project Status.  We were the first to implement this type of system in our market.
  • We have a full service Engineering Firm, to assist us with all aspects of the job on an as-needed basis.
  • With our Engineering firm, we regularly consult with Decking and Railing manufacturers, and understand products from many aspects.  This helps us help our Customers to make material choices to exceed their expectations.
  • We currently have 8 dock building barges, custom designed and fabricated by us, to build dock jobs in our market.  They are specially configured to float in minimal water depths, and to install the largest size pilings that can be expected to be used in this area.

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