Our founder, who is also the president of MEA Engineers, Inc. teamed with a manufacturer of maintenance-free decking quite by accident.  He is a structural engineer with experience in marine & coastal construction, who responded to a local newspaper ad looking for dock engineers.  He liked the product idea; continued to research the concept; and toured the manufacturing plant.


Following the tour, our founder worked alongside the manufacturer on improving the design of the decking system.  Several changes were made and tests were performed to insure that the product would retain it’s structural integrity and beauty over the course of time in our harsh Florida weather conditions.


The Deck Docktors was then formed and began marketing a line of maintenance-free decking as an option to Floridians who (although they have become accustomed to the effects of Florida’s sunlight, wind, and water on their possessions) want to enjoy the warm sunny weather, sandy beaches, and beautiful water.  These people do not want to spend time & money on treating, maintaining, repairing, or replacing their decks & docks.  The Deck Docktors decking product eliminates all that work and is environmentally safe; promises long life, a cleaner appearance, and a safer (skid resistant) surface which remains ambient with the outdoor temperature (cool the touch).  And most importantly, it is maintenance free (except for routine cleaning) and comes with a lifetime warranty!


The Deck Docktors Decking is made up of various compounds by many manufacturers and delivers all the beauty of wood…without the deterioration of wood.  It will never have a warped, split or rotted board.  Never a splinter.  And, never a need to seal any dock planks, year after year.  It is the ultimate balance of nature and technology, that eliminates the annual repairs, the water-proofing and the inevitable replacement costs associated with wood surfaces.  And environmentally, the product is kinder to our surroundings than chemically treated (PT) wood. BUT IF YOU WANT WOOD - we will also provide it, with helpful information on how to properly maintain it (or have us do so).


A cool walking surface is often desired when one finds out that that is an option, and so there are decking products designed to dissipate heat or otherwise remain cool.  Safety was an important factor & so the new products are often embossed or have a friction surface to produce a slip-resistant surface in wet or dry weather.  Another safety feature (which also adds to the lasting beauty of the decking) is the installation which can provide no exposed fasteners that would be unsightly & may cause tripping.  There are other fasteners which are exposed to the walking surface, but are specially designed to remain at or below the surface, and can be color coated to minimize their appearance.  Some customers prefer the look of the fasteners, and we leave them with their natural silver color, as we only use stainless steel screws as our standard fastener.

As our founder started to contemplate the deck, dock, and boat lift needs of those of us on the West Coast of Florida, The Deck Docktors line was expanded to include other quality products and services with the focus remaining on “maintenance-free” aspects.