The Deck Docktors will assist our customers in coming up with a comprehensive plan that maximizes the use of their property within the parameters of their project and budget.


The Deck or Dock can be a destination, with features and benefits that enhance the customer's property, for the cost of the structure.  What do we mean by that?

  • Depending on the municipality that governs the customer's project, there are limitations imposed by regulation on how far out a dock can go, what size it can be, and the height above the mean high water.  For decks, there are limitations regarding setbacks from property lines, and there may be limitations in total area relative to impervious area - although it can often be proven (to the satisfaction of the permitting agencies)  that decks do not add significantly to impervious area.
  • Waterfront property is among the highest cost per square foot.  A significant portion of property is often actively used by the person who mows your grass!
  • Why not maximize the size of your deck or dock, to the fullest extent allowed.  There is no additional cost for the land, only the cost for the construction of the deck or dock.
  • If you allow us to create a pleasing innovative outdoor living solution, that acts as a destination that you will use, you have then taken the first steps toward increasing the value of your property significantly above the cost of your project!
  • Increasing your property value with good design is one of the many benefits to having The Deck Docktors and MEA Engineers as part of your team!

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